Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The title ‘Quilts’ just says it all.  I love quilts!  My life really revolves around them and the fabric that goes into them.  Every day I am working on them; thinking about them, cutting or sewing them or just admiring them.  Now I am even blogging about them.  How did this happen to me? 

One day in 1988 I got a bug to make a quilt and now it has taken over my life.  Sometimes I feel sorry for my family because of all the quilting ‘stuff’ around…but then I get over it.  I started working in a quilt shop (Glad Creations Quilt Block in Mpls, MN) 22 years ago and still teach for them today.  I have met some wonderful quilters that share my passion for quilting and if they read this they will understand what’s in my head. 

Today I thought I’d post a few quilts that I have made over the years.  The quilts hung in staff quilt shows at Glad Creations between 2004 and 2010.

Improved 9-Patch 2004
This quilt was started at a Minnesota Quilters Conference at least 15 yrs ago.  The class was taught by Sharon Hultgren using template by John Flynn.  Its machine pieced and hand quilted.  I love 30s fabrics!!

Jamestown in the 30s 2009
Andover Fabrics has a great website.  Often they post quilt patterns for their fabric lines.  I really liked this pattern.  It was a pattern to be used with the Jamestown fabric line by Jo Morton.  But obviously I made it using 30s fabrics.  It is machine pieced and quilted.

Wyatt's Lone Star 2010
This quilt is for my son.  He will receive it when he graduates from college…whenever that may be.   The center star was constructed using a printed interfacing foundation available from Quiltsmart.  Machine pieced and machine quilted.

Hope you enjoyed the mini quilt show. 

Happy quilting,


Susan Dyer said...

I did enjoy it. Thanks.

Jean said...

Enjoyed your blog. I know what you mean about quilting taking over. There are worse things!