Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#2 - International Quilt Market 2012…Houston, Texas

This is the second installment of my International Quilt Market 2012 blog.  My booth was positioned smack dab in the middle of the convention floor.  It was comfortably nestled between Marcus Brother Fabrics, Red Crinoline (formerly Bonnie Blue) and EZ Quilting products.  It was a very nice space with terrific neighbors!
Darlene celebrated with a 20th year in business with EZ designs

Pam and Mary Ellen from Red Crinoline…thank you ladies for the Pimento Cheese spread lunch.  Our “drug” of choice at lunch time; I so enjoyed it!
Love the fall decorating idea at Red Crinoline’s booth
I want you to see some of the wonderful displays around the market floor.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to leave my booth very often.  Being a 'one woman show' makes it hard to get out and wander.  But, every once in a while a wonderful friend comes to relieve me and I get to stretch my legs.  Here are just a few pictures I took of some of my favorite booth displays.  Enjoy!
Anthology always has a intriguing booth display
Cute aprons at the Timeless Treasure booth.  (I didn’t see quite as much clothing sewing at this show)

The fabric mummies were unusual from Me and My Sister.  Torso forms ‘seamed’ to be a theme.

Flower covered bodice – just for fun! EZ Designs booth
Maybe…a reminder to get younger generations interesting in sewing?

Moda had two booth styles going…paint cans & sticks and camping.  Really enjoyed the ‘50s travel trailer!


Carolyn Friedlander from Florida is a young new designer.  LOVED her booth. 

Annemarie in MN

Sunday, October 28, 2012

International Quilt Market 2012…Houston, Texas

What a wild ride I’m on.  My life as a quilter just gets better and better.

Last Wednesday my husband and I left Burnsville, MN on a 1200 mile drive south to Texas…a place where everyone calls you Ma’am.  I love that!!!  We don’t stop much; gas, eat and well you know… is about it.  The drive through five states takes two days.  We always get a book on tape and hope it is good.  This time we chose Clive Cussler…we’re liking it so far. 

Quilts Remembered...I pack it all!

This says it all!!

Traffic in Houston, TX ... a sea of cars!!!

The mess before the beauty...this room transforms over night!!!!

Quilts Remembered booth #1027

Me in my one
New additions - Four Score... in the background.  Love the Cheddar, red and poison green.  The black bench was made from an antique pine 3/4 bed and the corner piece was made from two crib rails.

The largest quilt on the table is a bonus design.  The directions are  included with the Pride & Glory Medallion pattern.
It is day two of the show and everyone is talking about “Frankenstorm” better known as Hurricane Sandy.  This storm is bearing down on the east coast.  500 flights have already been canceled.  Some Quilt Market shoppers have changed their travel plans and flew home early.  The climate at Market is quieter than last year.  Some speculated the quiet is due to the upcoming election and some blame it on Hurricane Sandy.  It is hard to know.
Would you like the Quilts Remembered quilts to visit your store...just let me know and we can  plan a Trunk Show for your event!!!!!
I will post more pictures of market soon.…Enjoy.


By the way…I’m having a ball in Houston!!!  Love meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.