Monday, September 22, 2008

The Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone. I spent much of that time enjoying the outdoors. I really do love my gardens and all of the work they entail. I weeded, pruned, cut flowers (not much left to cut) and even took some pictures of the waining blooms. It really is too bad that we don't have a longer growing season in Minnesota. I suppose if it was longer I might not appreciate it as much. I get such a thrill out of those first little bits of green that pop through the ground. They let me know that 'yes' there will be another spring and summer.

Now that fall is here, as of today, I will have to start thinking about covering all of those reminders of the sunny, warm weather. I work so hard at keeping them green through the lack of rain and the burning sun it is really hard to say good bye. The weather has been exceptionally good lately I hope it continues just a bit longer. The shorter the winter the better!

I thought I would share a few pictures from my garden. I really love the different Hydrangea I grow. I arranged a bouquet in a pottery vase. The vase was made by a very good college friend of mine...Richard Merideth of Chippewa Falls, WI. He has been a potter for approx. 25 years.

Another favorite flower of mine is the Hollyhock. They remind me of a country house or a cottage, beautiful and simple, but they can be one of the showiest flowers in the garden.

On a differnt note, a neighbor offered me apples from one of his trees. I'm not sure what variety. During half-time of the Minnesota Viking football game, I went and picked a shopping bag full of apples for the pie. The apples were rather small so I peeled 15 of them and created a very tall pie. With the help of Pillsbury ready made pie crusts from the refrigerator section making a pie is a snap! The smell of baking apples is one of the very best aromas don't you think?

You can tell that I didn't have any time for sewing this weekend. It was just too nice to sit and stitch. There will be plenty of time for that when the air turns cold and the snow starts to fall.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's All About Me!

Hi my name is Annemarie Yohnk,

This is my first attempt in the world of Blogging so here goes...

My life is not unlike any other quilters. I have a family, including a husband (Dale) and a son (Wyatt). There are also 2 pets in my life, a dog named Molly and a very prissy cat named Hazel. I will include pictures of all in a future post.

I have been quilting since college and some how it has over taken my life and my house. There is quilting every where...from top to bottom. I really do think that fabric and notions have a life of their own. One day the thread is in a neat basket next to my sewing machine and the next day it is all over the table along with the various rulers and fabric strewn around. How does this happen?

I have worked for Glad Creations since 1989. How I got the job will be a whole other story. I used to sell fabric and help in the shop, now I teach a number of classes at the shop including "Jo's Little Women Club". My business, "The Quilted Sandwich", is a longarm quilting company that I have owned and operated since 1995.

Well that's enough for now. Let me know what you think!