Monday, July 26, 2010

Gardens in Bloom

Yesterday, I went out into my gardens and took a few pictures. So many plants are in bloom right now. Some are just finishing up, some are at their peak and others are just beginning to flower. I enjoy all of the flowers; they really turn my yard into a special place for me. My hydrangeas are coming along nicely this year but unfortunately some of the plants don't have as many flowering heads on them this year. I wonder why??? The ferns and impatients are growing like they are living in Jersasic Park. All of the rain we have had has kept them very happy. The bees and the butterflies are very busy in the Russian Sage and Hostas. All these pictures need are a few quilts hanging among the flowers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Antique Quilts..just a few

I thought I'd share a few of my antique quilts with you. So first I have a Carolina Lily. It is small, maybe for a twin size bed. I rescued this quilt from a lawn sale. I don't think the owner's cared much for it but I did. Now it has a comfortable life. Second is a red and white Hearts and Gizzards quilt (what a terrible name) from the late 1800s. A wonderful buy from my favorite antique resource...Ebay! Last but not least is a President Wreath. This quilt has fabulous tiny quilting in a half inch grid. It was found in a very old house (mansion) in Stillwater, MN. I hope you enjoyed my little antique quilt show.
Best and happy quilting,