Sunday, June 19, 2011

Antique Quilts and MN Quilt Show

Last week I attended the MN state quilt show.  It was held at the River Center in St. Paul.  The city was crazy!  There were concerts, bike races and dance competitions all running at the same time as the quilt show. I was only interested in the quilts. 

The Minnesota Quilt Project (MQP) had a display of Civil War-Era Quilts.  I want to share a few of them with you (with permission of course from MQP).  The following words are not my own.  They are captions written by MQP.

Eagle Four-block
"The eagle pattern was popular after the Revolutionary War as Congress designated the bald eagle as the emblem of the United States of America in 1782.  Eagle Quilt patterns became popular again at the time of the Civil War as the eagle symbolized unity between the states.  Lent by James and Sylvia Aufderheide.  (Ohio 1868)"

Old Glory Quilt
"Patriotic quilts often appear during times of world conflict.   The 33 stars in the field around the eagle’s head strongly suggest this quilt was made between 1859 and 1861, immediately before or during the Civil War.  The 33rd star was added to the American flag July 5, 1859 following Oregon’s admission to the Union on February 14, 1859.  Even after the South seceded from the Union, President Lincoln would not allow stars to be removed from the flag.  The American flag contained 33 stars for only two years until Kansas became a state.  Lent by Bill and Marti Wivell."  

Variable Star
"This quilt was made around 1860-1865, the time period when the cheddar orange dye first appeared.  Other colors typical of the period included Turkey red, indigo blue, Prussian blue, green, yellow and pink.  Lent by Pat Cox."

Nine patch and leaves
"Dated 1862.  Made by a member of the Brener family, emigrants from Prussia.  They settled in the Lebanon, PA area in the 1840s.  Lent by Gail Bakkom."

Hope you enjoyed the mini antique quilt show!

Happy quilting,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before the Issue is Gone...

Before issue #83 of Quiltmania is gone for the magazine racks I just want to say thank you. It was a pleasure to have one of my designs published in Quiltmania Magazine.

I met the people from Quiltmania at Houston Quilt Market Fall 2010. They saw a quilt I had designed for Windham Fabrics and wanted to publish it along with the pattern. I was thrilled!

The name of the quilt is Shelburne Calico Garden Medallion. It was designed using Windham’s fabric line by the same name (minus the Medallion part). The quilt was challenge I enjoyed. Thank you Quiltmania!!!

I’d like to clarify something… Even though the magazine says “This medallion quilt is a reproduction of an old quilt from the late 17th – early 18th century which is in the Shelburne Museum collection in Vermont” it is not. I designed this quilt and it is NOT a copy of a quilt already in existence. I hope the Shelburne wasn’t looking for the original.

On another note

The Minnesota Quilters’ Quilt Show began today. It is a fantastic show as usual. There are some of the greatest quilts in the country on display, unbeatable vendors selling everything quilting and classes for every skill level! What more can you ask for.

Glad Creations Quilt Shop has a three of my designs on display and all of my Quilts Remembered patterns for sale. Check out the pictures.

As always…Happy Quilting,


Monday, June 13, 2011

More Samples…

Another day brings more quilts to my collection.

I finished another quilt in the Jo’s ‘Little Women’ club 10 collection. It is called Berry Nice. The stars in this quilt are sewn in a very unique way. The quilt is hanging on display at Glad Creations Quilt Shop in Mpls., MN. I just love these little quilts!

It seems I am always sewing…and that’s a good thing. For my next ‘Little Women’ quilt I am teasing you with a picture of the fabric that will make up the blocks. Of course there is more fabric (always more fabric) which will make up the setting. But for now, this is all you will see. I promise to post a picture of the finished quilt by the end of the month.

The final picture is of Laura’s 1870 Cradle Quilt from my pattern line Quilts Remembered. I had to make a second sample. Sample #1 is at The Glass Thimble in Columbus, OH along with 5 other Quilts Remembered quilts and this one will be at the Minnesota Quilt show in Glad Creation’s booth June 15th – 18th. When the quilt show concludes it is off to California for this little quilt. I wish I got to travel as much as my quilts do!

Hope to see you at the MN Quilt show this week! Send me a comment...let me know what you think.

Happy Quilting,