Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Exciting!

Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting approached me at Spring Market 2010 in Minneapolis, MN. They asked if I would submit a quilt for their magazine. I was honored to be asked and when I found out they had chosen my design I was thrilled.

Pretty much the picture speaks for itself. This is my very first quilt design published in a magazine. This year there will be 2 more designs appearing in other magazines.

So here it is!. The graphics are excellent…thanks Fons & Porter!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Sewed, We Laughed, We Enjoyed!!

Me with my Ember Reds and Evergreen blocks

I love a retreat! It took an eternity for the weekend to arrive and a blink of the eye to be over. Getting away from my normal routine couldn't come fast enough. Yippee, Friday arrived and we were speeding (literally) off in my new car to Debbie’s cabin near Alexandria, MN. Of course there was a quick quilt shop stop on the way. Quilted Treasures in Rogers, MN always has nice things to offer. What a great way to celebrate my 51st birthday!

Sue, Patty, Suzanne..........................Laura

The weather was going to be a problem all weekend but I didn't care. Just get me to the cabin and all will be great. As it turned out the weekend was sunny and beautiful. There were 6 more quilter-friends joining me at Debbie’s cabin. She is a fantastic hostess…Hostess with the Mostess doesn’t do her justice. She is WONDERFUL!

We started sewing the moment we arrived. Everyone had their machines, tools, and several projects...and we were raring to go. There was an island for cutting (and sometimes food prep). Busy sewing tables that kept humming from dawn to WAY past midnight. We took a break for a wonderful Italian meal at Bella’s on Broadway - downtown Alexandria (I highly recommend it). Everyone had stories to tell at dinner. Then back home to sew until 3am. I didn't make it past 2am.


How did the weekend end so soon? Sunday morning I put the sewing pedal to the floor. I wanted to finish a little more before I had to pack up. My goal was 144 finished blocks for my Ember Reds and Evergreens Quilt. What was I thinking? I got 86 done and of course they are all from Jo Morton’s line of fabric. Everyone else made great progress in their projects some even finished theirs!

What a great weekend. We’ll do it again all again this fall…Thanks Debbie!!!


Annemarie in MN