Monday, June 13, 2011

More Samples…

Another day brings more quilts to my collection.

I finished another quilt in the Jo’s ‘Little Women’ club 10 collection. It is called Berry Nice. The stars in this quilt are sewn in a very unique way. The quilt is hanging on display at Glad Creations Quilt Shop in Mpls., MN. I just love these little quilts!

It seems I am always sewing…and that’s a good thing. For my next ‘Little Women’ quilt I am teasing you with a picture of the fabric that will make up the blocks. Of course there is more fabric (always more fabric) which will make up the setting. But for now, this is all you will see. I promise to post a picture of the finished quilt by the end of the month.

The final picture is of Laura’s 1870 Cradle Quilt from my pattern line Quilts Remembered. I had to make a second sample. Sample #1 is at The Glass Thimble in Columbus, OH along with 5 other Quilts Remembered quilts and this one will be at the Minnesota Quilt show in Glad Creation’s booth June 15th – 18th. When the quilt show concludes it is off to California for this little quilt. I wish I got to travel as much as my quilts do!

Hope to see you at the MN Quilt show this week! Send me a comment...let me know what you think.

Happy Quilting,



Louise said...

Enjoyed the pictures you posted. I am just finishing up with the border quilting on Amy's Choice. I did mine very similar to Jo's using Annadale. I decided on that line when I first purchased it.

Threeundertwo said...

I love these quilts! Really love the colors in the last one, so cheerful. You're inspiring me.

antique quilter said...

I love this quilt where can I order the pattern? Laura's 1870 cradle quilt.

antique quilter said...

What booth will this quilt be at the CAlif show?
I have a friend going and she would love to see it in person.
I just ordered the pattern from Cyndi at Busy Thimble in Maine