Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Antique Quilts!

 Day two of Pat Cox’s Antique quilts...

Patrica Cox and her Feathered Star Quilt ca. 1850

Pat Cox’s display of Antique quilts is in full swing at The Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN.  (Show details are listed in my last blog.)  I am very fortunate to know Pat and have been able to enjoy her quilts for years.  She is a consummate collector and always willing to share her collection.  She really seems to love sharing their history too!  Here are a couple more pictures of her collection. 
Rose of Sharon ca. 1940

Many Trips Around the World ca. 1935
2 Drunkard's Path variations
New York Beauty ca. 1935 (hanging) & Dolly Madison  Star ca. 1920
Marie Webster's design - French Baskets ca. 1920 (my personal favorite!)

I truly hope you have enjoyed this small sampling of Pat Cox's collection.

Happy Quilting,
Annemarie in MN


CRantiquequilt said...

Thanks for sharing Pat Cox's quilts,,, she has a fantastic collection!!!

Sandra said...

Thanks for posting these, they are great. I was very lucky to see a number of Pat's quilts at AQSG last year including the postage stamp. Love the hanging d.path, my sister has its double (without the border). And I recently posted my red, white and blue Dolly Madison and don't know that I've seen another one until now.

Julie said...

These quilts are inspiring! So very beautiful and made with so much love from very skilled and talented quilters. =)