Friday, July 8, 2011

A Hands On Collection

High everyone!  I went to the Minnesota Quilters' meeting last night to hear Patricia Cox speak about her antique quilts.  She has a collection of around 350 antique quilts.  She brought about 50 with her last night.  The dates ranged from 1825 to 1970.  It was a wonderful night of quilts.  Now here's some good news for you...The quilts will be on display for the next 2 days.  Saturday July 9th (10am-4pm) & Sunday July 10th (12pm-4pm). Pat will be there both days to answer questions (9th 10-12 & 10th 1-2.)  The exhibit is located at The Textile Center, 3000 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.  There is a $3 charge for non-members of MN Quilters.  Many of these quilts will be donated to the Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, NE later this year.  I will post more pictures on my blog tomorrow too.

The first quilt she showed is this Feather Star (it was sold to her with the name ‘Princess Feather’).  Pat purchased it from Mary Silber, Julie Silber’s mother – both avid quilt collectors.  This quilt began Pat’s love of antique quilts.

The Second quilt is an appliqué quilt dated 1872.  It is the most recent of Pat’s antique purchases.
Caesar’s Crown is another beautiful appliqué.  The background is of linen.

This final quilt shows the merging of 2 quilt patterns.  The Double Irish Chain and the Chips-Whetstone block.  The provenance of this quilt  - Slave made & from English settlers.

I hope you enjoyed the mini quilt show.  Please come by the Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN or check back later this week. I will post some more of Pat’s quilts (with her permission of course.)

Thanks…please let me know what you think of the quilts and I will pass your comments on to Pat.

Happy quilting,
Annemarie in MN


Louise said...

Thank you so muchf for sharing these photos. What beautiful quilts, which we would never have been able to view except on your blog. Each one is truly a gem!

Linda C said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful quilts. How l wish l could visit them myself!!!