Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Once Upon A Time

This story could begin…Once Upon A Time there was a family that moved in to a beautiful Colonial home in the suburbs.  This home was filled with many traditional rooms.  The family of three lived there comfortably and happily for many years. But this is where the fairy tale derails.

A quilter lives in this wonderful 1960s Colonial.  She (meaning me) decided these traditional rooms no longer would house guests tucked into trundle beds or have dinner parties on the beautiful Berkey & Gay antique dining table.  Instead there would be quilting everywhere.  You could imagine a beautiful table cloth perfectly smooth atop the table…nope…not in this dining room.  Instead, at least150 yards of fabric of all different shapes and sizes adorn the room.  (The basement has 100s more too)

The centerpiece on the dining table isn't a bouquet of flowers it is a Bernina sewing machine. Scissors and rulers take the place of silverware and collapsible garbage containers replace serving dishes.  It would be very difficult to have a meal in this room unless you ate from your lap.

Fabric for new design
General Wives fabric from Windham

 I know there are a lot of beautiful pictures on the web of sewing ‘studios’.  I also know there are more quilters out there that sew on their dining room table and don’t have one of those well designed, beautiful ‘studios’.  I say whatever your circumstance, fairy tale or reality, make the best of what you have.  Don’t let your surroundings deter your progress and ability.  I enjoy my work and love sewing everyday – even in my disaster.

Lizzy's Little Quilt
Amy's Choice

Pictured above are my 2 latest Jo’s Little Women club quilts.

Have a great time sewing today.  Hope you enjoyed reading about my ‘fairy tale’ world and looking at the pictures.  Please don’t think less of me for my mess.  I create a lot of quilts in it and from it.  Here’s hoping you can make quilts from your mess too!.

Happy stitching,
Annemarie in MN


Amy R said...

You are living in your house and thriving in your creativity~ I'd say you are right on track! Love your quilts. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

If only we all lived in a fairy tale!! Loved your post!

quiltingcarpenter said...

Hi Annemarie - I too quilt on my dining room table - right next to the kitchen. I have a beautiful quilting studio but it is upstairs away from the hub of our home and from my husband. I always get more accomplished sewing on the dining room room table. I just clean it all up when we need to have a formal dinner. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your quilting area.