Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Cabin Crew...April 2013

I am a lucky person; belonging to Scrapbaggers' quilt group is a privilege and a pleasure. We are 9 women strong and have monthly meetings.  Everyone tries to attend.  I hate to miss a meeting.  Last weekend 7 of us got together at Debbie's cabin and had a sew-a-thon.  Most of us were up early (not me) and stayed up late sewing or I should say creating.

It's a laugh filled time at the cabin in northern Minnesota.  Everyone Sews, tells stories, eats great food and on Saturday night we have movie time.  I'll have to remember to bring popcorn next time.  The movie is always a 'chick flick'...this time we watched Wedding Date.  Love that movie.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.  I decided not to include my Chevy Tahoe being towed away at the end of the weekend...depressing way to end such a wonderful time.  It won't start.  A few hundred dollars and a few new parts and I was homeward bound.

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Happy quilting,


Jan said...

Sounds like a wonderful group. Super cute t-shirts & lots of nice flimsies!

Anonymous said...

It’s really fun sewing together with your friends, right? You will never lose the time and feel tired of just doing your thing. It’s more perfect with snacks on the side and watching your favorite movie. Oh, I miss those days. Hope I could catch up on ya! Thanks for sharing!

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Helen Keyes said...

I’m happy to know your group make quilts together. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Hope you will enjoy sewing.

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