Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy - Peasy Vinyl Zipper Bag

Easy – Peasy Vinyl Zipper Bag

‘Sew’ easy you will want to make one for all your friends!

Easy – Peasy is a term coined in the 1970s by a little girl in a British TV commercial.  In the commercial dishes were being washed by her mom using Lemon Squeezy detergent.  When the dirty dishes were clean the little girl said to her mom… “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” and hence a new phrase was invented.
2 Outer Cover Designs (paper or fabric)
Fabric for Lining and Zipper Stoppers
2 Pieces Fusible Vinyl (Available at Glad Creations 612-724-1079)
1 Zipper

Extra Tools
Sewing Machine
Rotary Tools
Pinking Shears
Curved Template
Permanent Marker
Zipper Foot                                            

To Begin:

1½” x 3” rectangle for zipper stoppers
2 - 8½ x 5 ½” fabric for lining (Cut the 8½” measurement on the straight of grain)
9” x 12” fusible vinyl

***FYI…You can make this bag as big as you want.  The zipper just will need to be trimmed 1” smaller than the width of your lining fabric.

Fold the 1½” x 3” rectangle in half and press right sides together.  Fold sides in toward center and press.  Fold in half and press well.  Cut in half.

Tape Zipper to your cutting board.  Move zipper down about 2”.   Place tape approx 1½” down from end.  With rotary cutter cut a straight edge just below the zipper stoppers.

 Insert cut zipper end into fabric zipper stopper fabric.  Pin.

 Sew catching both front and back of fabric zipper stopper fabric.

Trim zipper 1” shorter than width of lining material (7½”)  Repeat - Insert cut zipper end into fabric zipper stopper fabric.  Pin.

Vinyl:  Iron front cover material (Remember the Ladies picture) to fusible vinyl following the manufacture instructions.

Cover design under protective vinyl paper
Fusible vinyl

Once vinyl is stuck to front, flip, and iron top side.  Use protective  vinyl paper!
Trim off excess vinyl.

Mark a curve on the front bottom corners with a permanent marker. Use a template or drinking glass or measuring cup.

Sew front section to zipper:  
Place front facing up.  Center and place zipper pull side down.  Pin to front with very small pin ‘bites’.  The zipper pull should be on the right.  Place lining face down.  Use a few more pins taking very small pin ‘bites’. 

Fit your machine with a zipper foot and sew zipper in place.  Be careful of the zipper pull.  Once your foot gets close it will need to be moved.  With your needle in the down position, reach between the layers and move the zipper out of the way.

Press front and lining wrong sides together perfectly flat with zipper exposed.  
Top stitch next to seam.

Sew back section to zipper:  Place back facing up.  Place zipper/front section facing down.  Pin together with very small pin ‘bites’.  Place lining face down.  Use a few more pins taking very small pin ‘bites’. Sew as before moving the zipper when necessary.  Make sure front and back are even.

Press front and lining wrong sides together. Top stitch near zipper.

Trim off any lining fabric that might peek out.

Bring linings together and pin front and back together (lining in the middle) taking small pin ‘bite’.  Line up top edges near zipper.  Pin bottom corners using a hefty pin ‘bite’.   

Start stitching about a quarter inch down from top edge them back stitch to top edge.  Continue stitching around edges and along curved drawn line at bottom corners.  Back stitch at other top edge as well.

Use pinking shears to cut around edge.  Voila - Done!!!


A few other ideas for bags…vintage cpatterns…pretty wrapping paper...copy a picture of your favorite quilt or family photo...and …of course your favorite fabric.   


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