Tuesday, April 17, 2012


In two days I leave for Victor, NY.  My destination is the Ivy Thimble Quilt Shop, I will lecture and teach.  Check out their website at:  http://www.ivythimble.com/  My class is called Laura’s 1870s Cradle Quilt http://www.quiltsremembered.com/shop/Quilt-Patterns/p/Lauras-1870-Cradle-Quilt-1014.htm.  This is a sweet quilt with lots of pieces.  It is inspired by an antique quilt my friend Laura owns (hence the name).  I am very lucky to be able to have the antique piece with me for the event.  Trish is the owner of Ivy Thimble and her blog address is:  http://ivythimble.blogspot.com/

Ivy Thimble Quilt & Gift Shop...Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends! 
There is still so much left to do to get ready.  (I shouldn't take this time to write.) 

My lecture will cover several topics including a few demos using some of my favorite tools.  We are lucky as quilters; there are so many tools available.  But, sometimes because there are so many, we get confused to which ones will do the best job for us.  I always tell my beginner students, “It is just what you get used to”.  In fact, starting with the best tools just makes life easier.  You can visit my website, www.QuiltsRemembered.com to view my ‘tools’ page and see some of my favorites.

My To-Do List

So what to pack…Antique doll quilts, class quilt, patterns, pattern cover quilts, magazine quilts, demo boards, tools, computer, and lecture notes (I’d better remember to pack my clothes too!)  Crud…I just checked the weather page and it looks like rain…better remember my umbrella and rain jacket.  I am always so afraid I will forget something.  IT IS GOOD TO HAVE A LIST.    Speaking of lists, my to-do list is beginning to look more manageable. I am actually crossing things off!!!

Just the start of packing...Those quilts take up so much room...good thing they are small!
See you soon NY.  I am looking forward to a wonderful new group of quilters!
Happy Quilting,

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