Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thoughts for Today!

What's a mom to do? My son says my husband and I work too hard. That's probably true but how else do you get everything done. Should somethings just wait and never get done? Shouldn't you just do something when you know it's time? For instance...when the grass is mid-calf - you mow it...if the pet hair tumbleweeds are blowing across the floor - you sweep...if you're out of underwear...you do the wash. All of these things take priority to having fun sometimes. I know he is young and hopefully will 'get it someday'. The old adage, "fun is wasted on the young" or something like that is oh, so, true!

Tonight is the last in the Jo's 'Little Women' Club series. The sample is quite patriotic. A good sample for the summer -Memorial day, Flag day, Independence day and Labor day. You just can't beat Red, White and Blue!!! Here is a picture of my last quilt in club #9, Daffodil Hill. Enjoy!

Happy quilting,

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