Monday, May 24, 2010

Back at Home

Spring Market is over and I survived! What an experience. It was definitely a learning experience. I am so glad I did it. Everyone was very nice and encouraging. All of the preparation made everything run smoothly. Now come the aftermath of it all. What a mess I have. The house has piles as tall as me everywhere. Boxes, props, rugs, and all the other stuff I lugged to Market. In addition my husband decided to refinish the porch floor while I was gone. The dust is everywhere and the furniture that was on the porch is partially in the house or covered with plastic. It looks like we are either moving or we are in need of a dumpster. (The dumpster might not be a bad idea.) If by the end of the week this house isn't back to normal I just might move and start over!!!

Shipping patterns, unpacking, bookwork and grocery shopping is the order of the day.

Hope you enjoy a few more pictures of my booth at market...Now do I go to fall market in Houston or not...that is the question.

Happy quilting,

P.S. I updated my website. Take a look at the new patterns! They are now available from coast to coast!!!!!!

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Taryn said...

Your booth looks great and the samples are wonderful. I love your colors.