Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Quilts On The Ladder

I posted my spring quilt ladder earlier this year. Now you can take a peak at my summer ladder. All of the quilts are from the 1930s . They are not family quilts...unfortunately. The top quilt, a fan pattern was purchased at an antique shop in Wisconsin while visiting family. The second quilt on the ladder is a grandmother's flower garden I found years ago (probably 20) at an estate sale in Minneapolis. The third quilt I bought from an antique quilt dealer at the Houston, TX quilt show. This quilt needed a little repair. Some of the flowers had holes in them. The dealer gave me scraps of 30s fabrics that I used to applique over the bad fabric. Next on the ladder is a spider web quilt that I found at another estate sale right down the street from where I live. Last but not least is one of my favorites. This one came from French72 on Ebay. What you can't see is this quilt has 9 borders.

I love the hunt. Antique quilt shopping is one of my favorite pastimes.

Happy quilting,

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