Monday, July 13, 2009

Graduation quilts

It's been graduation season and I have had over 20 parties to attend. Lots of fun and way too much cake. One of parties had 25 plus cakes to taste. YUM! My son graduated from high school and so did 2 of his very best friends. Both of these friends are over 6' tall. My son says that they are 'freakishly' tall and need quilts that are 'freakishly' long. His oldest friend (since age 3) is a basketball player hence the theme of his quilt. His is an original design but the idea came from a Thimbleberries pattern. He loves his quilt and is already sleeping under it.

The second was made for my son's best friend. This one is from a pattern called Fall Frolic by Evelyn Sloppy, 2003 (sorry I don't remember the book title).

Atop the 2 folded up quilts is Hazel. Does it look like she has a hard day or maybe she has just had way too much graduation cake!!

Happy quilting,

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Dee said...

Hi, I had to stop and have a look because I am from Mankato - gotta support those MN girls:) Love your quilts, and the nickel quilt book is in my closet, love it, and need to start a project from it. Course, love the Jo Morton quilts. We do have two shops in town - do come and visit (love Glad Creations). Dee/MN