Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rotary Star Sampler Successes

To all of those who just finished my Rotary Star Sampler beginning class congratulations! The class did a fabulous job on their quilts. Most of them finished their quilt tops and basted them last night. What fun it is to see the fabrics become quilts! I hope all will continue to be involved with quilt making and enjoy the process. Good luck and maybe we will see each other in a class again soon.
I love learning new quilting tips. This one came from one of my students last night. While on the way to quilt class it is not a good idea to open your basting safety pins as you drive. Good to know!!!

Happy Quilting,


Cheri Dawn said...

What fun to see these quilts. Each one is so different from the next because of the fabrics each student chose. They're all beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Nathan Carter said...

It has been fun to work nights when this class was in session. They were always so excited. I hope to see your students in the shop with more quilting projects.

Nancy said...

Your students did a fantastic job. The quilts look wonderful!

EventPlannerMN23 said...

I was in this class and just finished quilting mine together! I need to add the binding and it will be complete. Thanks for everything Annemarie I really enjoyed it.
~ Amanda