Friday, August 31, 2012

So Many Quilts

Last Tuesday was Jo's "Little Women" club at Glad Creations Quilt Block.  We had lots of show and tell and lots of fun.  Here are some of the quilts and highlights of the evening...

Debbie, a past employee of Glad Creations and a prolific quilter she says she gets so much done because she eats lots of fruits and veggies.  She's a crazy hard worker and does perfect work.  Below is some of her handiwork. By the way...she likes to make two of all her small quilts!!!

Jane also brought  several wonderful quilts.  She likes taking Jo's patterns and re-arranging them to make bigger quilts or sometimes table runners.
Back side of one of Jane's quilts.  See the star fabric, it really cuts up well on the diagonal.  (So sorry the picture of the front side didn't turn out well)

Jane's "Raspberry Swirl" rendition
There were several examples of "Pottery Shards".  I gave each of my students a square of the 'ladies' fabric to include as an alternate square.  It's the gold one that looks like ladies faces in a row like a film strip.

Also, a few "Raspberry Swirls" showed up.

It was a really nice night!  Thanks to a great group of quilters!

Happy quilting!

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