Sunday, September 18, 2011

House Tour - "Quilted Spaces"

House Tour…

Last Friday I went on a house tour called "Quilted Spaces".  Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee, MN was the hosting shop.  I stopped at the shop and picked up my map to the house and I was off.  It was just a short drive; I parked and walked up to the house.  That is where the ‘quilt’ decorating began.  I have never seen a quilt design on a garage door before but there they were.  I would equate it to ‘barn’ quilts.  The house was lovely.  There were several quilts in every room.  It was tastefully decorated in every way.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the tour.  

Inviting Entry

Garage Quilt Art
Lovely Dining Room

Kitchen Dining over looking the golf course (Stars Divided Quilt Pattern - Quilts Remembered)

Relaxing Living Room

Lily Quilt in the Hallway

Antique Trunk paired with a new quilt in the Hallway

Display Niche

Quilt hanging in a Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Quilt

Restful Bedroom Corner

Baby Room

Town Quilt hanging in Stairwell

A Piece of a Cutter Quilt framed hanging in a Bathroom

Lower Level Dining Area - 9-Patch Quilt Vinette

Olive's Table Runner (Quilts Remembered pattern) hanging in Lower Level Dining Area

Lower Level Entertainment Area

Guest Room

Sewing Room...wonder what's in the drawers?

Sewing Room...a place to rest and look at a favorite quilt magazine

Does she really sew here?

I hope you have enjoyed this little Quilted Spaces house tour.  Happy Quilting, Annemarie


Gail in Arizona said...

This is a beautiful home filled with quilts. It looks like the displays were professionally done. Beautiful

Pat said...

Annemarie, thank you for sharing this quilt tour. What a lovely display.

Mary Ellen said...

Simply Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Appalachian Mercantile said...

Wow! Beautiful home and pics!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous quilts! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your home and beautiful quilts.

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful tour this must have been. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I also enjoyed the mini show and tell from your Little Women's group.

Susan Dyer said...

Thanks for the pictures. What beautiful quilts.

Bill Volckening said...

Love it! I like to decorate my house with quilts, too. :)

Donna Becker said...

Gorgeous quilts in a gorgeous home! Geez, how does anyone quilt AND keep the house so neat?

Nancy said...

The home looks extraordinary! I have many, many quilts I have made over the years and wondered how to display them all. I have ladders filled and walls with them hanging. I am currently buying a new home and love how this house is decorated with them. Thank you for the glimpse and ideas!

Cathy B said...

does anyone know where i can find the house / city quilt that was hanging in the hall, stairway?? i really want to make it.

Kim Van Kalker said...

I love you blog with all of the quilts. I have inherited about 20 quilts and we would like to display some in our home. I have a couple of questions. 1) How did you mount them to the wall 2) What exactly did you use for the border/frame. It almost looks like crown molding board. . .Beautiful and so well done.

Thank you for your time.

Kim Van Kalker
DFW area, TX