Friday, March 25, 2011

Jo's 'Little Women Club' and Lost Purse Found!

Tuesday night was the 2nd installment of Jo’s ‘Little Women’ Club #10 at Glad Creations. It really was supposed to be the 3rd class but in February we had a snow storm and the shop had to be closed. So the weather has been pretty nice since (if the 40s are considered nice) and we thought spring was finally on its way! But Mother Nature had a different idea. She decided it would be funny to have an ice and snow storm - again. Got to love Spring – right? Anyway, we did have class and there were some wonderful quilts brought for show and tell.

This month the quilt project is Courthouse Steps. Quilted with a Baptist Fan…great new tool to create the fan design and circles.

It was a dark sleeting night after class. I carry a very large tote bag stuffed with all my class/teaching info. As I was loading it into my car my purse fell out of the tote. Yes, that’s right. It was left on one of the busiest streets in South Minneapolis. I realized it was missing when I got home and quickly called the shop. The shop was CLOSED! I panicked and called the shop owner who lives nearby. Luckily she and her husband graciously volunteered to go look for it.

Yes, it was found on the road and all is well. The purse isn't even a little worse for the wear. I am very happy to have it back in my hot little spending hands!

Thanks again Nancy and Jay for saving me and my purse!!!

Happy quilting,



SueB said...

Can you tell me more on the great new tool for the fan?
Glad things worked out on the purse for you.

Karen said...

glad the purse story had a happy ending.I too am interested in the compass tool for the baptist fans.
Could you tell me more about who makes it or where i might buy one?

Jeanne said...

Love your little quilts and glad to hear you have your purse back! Do you know the name of that tool?

Amy R said...

Annemarie - I'd love to know more about the tool you mention as well! Thanks, Amy R from Jo's yahoo group

Annemarie Yohnk said...

The tool is called the "Safe-t compass". A quick search on the internet will find the tool at a very reasonable price.