Sunday, January 10, 2010

Packing up the Holidays

It's that time again when all the Christmas trinkets and do-dads need to be packed up. It seems to take forever. We put up 2 trees...why I don't know...I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. The family room is our Santa room. Most of the decorations are Santas, from the ornaments to the quilts, Santas are everywhere. Check out my pictures.

I am adding this info to my post 1/12/10: Some of you have asked who designed the Santa & Trees's the answer...It is a packaged pattern called: Santas on Parade, by Brandywine Designs, located in Chanhassen, MN, copy write 1994...and to think it was only $6.25 back then!

As for a little tip...use leftover quilt batting to wrap those precious ornaments.


Anonymous said...

Your Christmas things are very nice and you put out a lot of things because it makes you happy. Just as putting away the things for the year gives you a lift as well.

I was at the dog park yesterday and there was a dog there with a christmas bow on his halter collar. Told the dog he needed to go home and put away christmas. Just jelous as my dogs would have torned that pretty bow all apart.

quiltlover said...

I love your triangle santa quilt! Do you have the name of the pattern?

quiltlover said...

Thank you for your comment and adding your source! Too bad they do not have it any more...Val

kimland said...

ohhh bummer on the santa quilt pattern! It is very cute and come on does Santa ever go out of style? I have a couple of grandson's (or is that their mother's) who would enjoy a santa quilt. Annemarie, may I ask where you teach classes? I live in Iowa but have family in the ciites
and I am always looking for quilt shops to visit when in the area.

Susan Dyer said...

How fun to see your Christmas quilts. Thanks for sharing.

Sophie said...

Annemarie, thanks for leaving your blog site for us at the American Quilter's Society to read, it's a great blog. Check our facebook page on Friday to find out the winner of the Blog-of-the-Week!

I wish it was still Christmas... These are beautiful! Keep up the great work!