Monday, August 17, 2009

Antique Doll Quilts and Stuff

The Hudson Heritage Quilters had me over to give a lecture on doll quilts. I brought much of my collection. The collection includes antique quilts, new quilts from Jo Morton's Little Women club and pieces from my Quilts Remembered pattern line. I brought about 65 quilts and another collection of antique child and doll related items.

There were approximately 40 women there. They pulled up their chairs and had a good look at what I brought. My lecture covered, what makes it a doll quilt, what to look for when shopping for an antique doll quilt, what life was like for children in the early 1900s, the toys available and the importance of these toys. The comparison to today's life of a child is like night and day. The children of these bygone days certainly did not have Toys "R" Us or Facebook to occupy the time.

It was a nice evening and I hope everyone went away with an appreciation of these little gems.

Happy quilting,

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