Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paducah Nine Patch

I am not the best finisher in the world. I love to say "Oh, I can do that" or "Oh, I should do that" but the fact of the matter is I start a lot of quilts and finish only a small portion. The other day I decided to unearth one of those boxed up projects and finish it. The top that is. Today I finished it. I started this quilt in March 29, 2003. So, almost 6 years to the day the top is complete. To be accurate this quilt was started a year before that with my small quilting group, Scarpbaggers. When the book Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode came out we all loved the quilts in it. The quilts were made from using 5-inch squares. So our group traded squares every month for about 2 years. Some of us have made our quilts and some of the traded squares are still in boxes. What would quilters do without Rubbermaid? I have a fortune in Rubbermaid!

There are still plenty of boxed up "Oh, I can do that" and or "Oh, I should do" quilts left to sew.

Happy quilting,


Elly D said...

Beautiful quilt Annemarie! and Congratulations on your finish! I have that book too but have only ever done the quilts in my head... alongside the gazillion other quilts I want to get to one day when I manage to defeat procrastination...:)
Anyway, well done to you! Elly

Jeanne said...

What a gorgeous quilt! That's been on my 'to do' list since the book came out. I'm glad you stuck with it.